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I’m constantly getting asked about nutrition and the main problem I seem to find is that people don’t know what to eat, or when to eat it. So here it is. This is the answer to all your problems. If you want to lose weight, have a better quality of life, feel happier, healthy and have more energy than this is an affordable way to do it!!!

The Formula One Fitness Programme incorperates a healthy eating plan and exercise programme alongside Our incredible  products, From our Protein shakes, our exclusive CLA fat burners, The White Kidney Bean Carb Blockers or our Fiber, which are well suited to those who are particularly vulnerable to between meal snacking,  and so much more You can do the programme with any combination of products depending on your lifestyle or budget. One of our representatives could help individually tailor a package to suit you. 
Shakes are a great aid to help lose fat. The programme isn’t about solely using the shakes to lose fat, the shakes are used as meal replacement alongside the Formula One Fitness Weight Loss Programme. This is a programme that will give you the chance to give yourself an insight into a healthier lifestyle… Healthier lifestyle means no yo-yoing back to where you once were!!

The fact that you’re still reading this tells me that you’re interested!
There are no meetings, groups or weigh in sessions. You will have your own personal coach, shoulder to cry on, friend, motivator and supporter through the process and you also get access to a 24/7 online support group filled with many other clients sharing their progress and experiences plus other coaches all there to answer any questions you might have. There you will also find 100s of programme friendly recipes for you to use.

Formula One Fitness is NOT a Diet, but rather an intelligent life style weight loss plan that incorporates Fat Loss, exercise, and behaviour through specific recommendations.
I suppose that you’re all familiar with ‘yo yo dieting’ but do you actually know what causes us to ‘yo yo’;
Most diets focus primarily on weight and fat loss but DO NOT alter the toxin levels in our bodies and this is where the the Formula One Fitness with Fat Loss programme really works.
For example; The body stores fat to protect it against impurities and toxins that are already in the body from eating processed foods, air pollution even tap water.
Majority of diets help us to lose weight but encourage the body to hold onto impurities in higher concentrations – the body reacts by going into emergency fat production and this result in a rebound of weight and fat gain.
The Formula One Fitness Weight Loss Program teaches us to ‘eat cleanly’ filling our bodies with vital nutrients and minerals that we aid us to eradicate impurities and toxins from our body enabling us to stabilise our weight and fat loss meaning NO REBOUND.

An innovative weight loss progamme incorperating fantastic health products and healthy eating.